1. Plan Videos Using A Content Planner

The biggest thing I’ve learned in 2018 about practicing commitment is that if you don’t write it down, it won’t happen. If you’re already using content planners to plan your blog or Instagram posts, then it probably won’t take much convincing for you to go out and get a content planner for your Youtube. If you’re not using a content planner–it’s time to get one.

2. Write a script

Along with getting a content planner to help you plug in and schedule all of your video ideas, you will want to write out a script for each video before you jump in front of the camera.

This decreases the amount of time you spend recording yourself stumbling through thoughts. While some find writing down the script word for word a bit boring, I do recommend at least creating a simple outline to give your video some structure.

3. Film Videos In BATCHES

If you don’t want to reserve hours each day setting up for Youtube, your best bet is to film multiple videos in one day. Nobody really cares if you’re wearing the same makeup or shirt, but if it bothers you, just switch out your shirts and change your lipstick.

Filming videos in batches is an excellent time-management trick that greatly reduces the time you spend recording videos. Seriously, you could dedicate two days a month to recording 2 videos each day and have enough content to spread across the entire month.


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