1. Create a list of stories you can share
    Choose one day out of the week & write down a list including failures, milestones & roadblocks. By sharing these stories people are either going to relate to you, be inspired or want to work with you. In order for people to believe in you they need to hear your story so share it any chance you get. The key to selling is story telling.
    2. Post yourself actively working your business 
    For an example if I were a make up artist I would create snapchats or instastories of myself washing make up brushes, showing eye shadow swatches, or checking out my favorite moisturizers, ect If I owned an online clothing boutique I would post myself scouting models, buying fabric or at the post office shipping orders. People want to see you working and this is a create way for people to start taking your business seriously (especially if all of your family follows you on facebook)
    3. Jump on live!
    Ok before you just get on live on facebook or instagram make sure you have a topic to talk about. You can choose a story from #1's list or talk about a topic related to your field. I recommend writing down a list of information you can share related to your field. For an example if I'm a hairstylist I will go on live talking about my top 3 hair brands, the best glue to use to remove your frontal or how to maintain your natural hair underneath wigs. This is going to allow your viewers to see your personality & prove that you are the expert (if they trust you they can pay you)
    4. Make sure your captions add value 
    No matter what platform your on make sure your captions are teaching us something, inspiring us or telling us to do something (call to action) for an example "comment below if you have oily skin & can't stand it or type a certain emoji if you need a new foundation for the summer" I noticed after testing this out my posts receive way more likes when I give free value and I get way more comments when I ask my followers to respond to something.
    5. Interact online 
    Follow and comment on other people's pages in your field. Respond to all comments, comment on your friend's content. The more you interact the more you are seen on other pages AND your building relationships organically.


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      Unfortunately, i was very disappointed with the vendor list. I honestly believe it was a waste of $25 :(

    • Posted on by Karice

      This is excellent information. I plan to implement a strategy with my platforms.

    • Posted on by Denise

      These are great tips ! I plan on implementing them. Do you, Brit, or anyone who see’ s this comment have any more tips for ’actively working you business? I tend to quickly run out of ideas.

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